Bernie Sanders: Why We Need Medicare for All

Senator Bernie Sanders lays out a compelling case for "Medicare for All." This is what I argued for–a single-payer system–during the debates over the Affordable Care Act. We've changed the name, because some lunkheads complained about "socialized medicine" as if they even knew what that means. Oh heavens. Your freakin' police and fire departments are socialized. The military has socialized medicine now. Get over it. 

How can we afford medical care for everyone? Don't build one aircraft carrier. Don't build stuff the military doesn't want but is put in the budget because some member of congress wants to send a contract to a manufacturer in their district. How about closing a military base or two that we've maintained in Europe an Asia since the end of World War II. All a good start. How about not invading countries and staying for years? Savings? Trillions of dollars.

It is worth your time to read this important article.