So-Called-President Values Lawlessness

So-called-President Trump just pardoned a lawless oaf who was convicted contempt of court. Former-Sheriff Joe Arpaio was twice found guilty of contempt of court–once civil and once federal. Now that's a record any lawman should be proud.

Why twice convicted?  Federal authorities are responsible for enforcing immigration laws. However, Joe "Toughest-Sheriff-in-America" (as he called himself) Arpaio ordered his deputies to check the legal status of people they encountered. Joe instructed deputies to arrest undocumented individuals and turn them over to immigration authorities for deportation, even if they had committed no crime other than lacking documentation. A federal district judge ordered the sheriff in 2011 to halt the practice of stopping suspected undocumented immigrants. When Arpaio publicly refused to do so, the judge found him to be in civil contempt of court and recommended the criminal charge. In July, another federal judge convicted him of contempt of court, finding Arpaio had shown a "flagrant disregard" for the law and had "willfully violated the [2011] order."

Is this all they could get in a President when they bought and paid for one? Is it appropriate for even a so-called president to pardon clowns who flagrantly disregard and willfully violate the law. So much for a "law and order" president.