You are going to have such great health care and at a lower cost.

"We failed. Boy am I pissed. And really embarrassed."

So the Republican attempt to deliver on their seven-year promise to reform health care tanks ingloriously. And the So-Called President blames Democrats. He needs to be reminded that Republican Senators sank their own health care bill. That bozo needs to be reminded also that the Democrats were not asked to help. Not to mention that not one hearing was held on the proposed bill. In McConnell's failed legislative strategy to right the bill in secret (not even the rest of Republican senate

Trump's new, yet faulty logic is to let "Obamacare" fail and then begin again. How cynical. Take the health insurance away from 30,000,000 Americans? Throw the insurance markets into turmoil? What is wrong with this loser-of-the-popular vote? Why not fix it? Make it a bipartisan attempt to fix what is wrong with the insurance market for individuals. Don't take health care away from those who already have health care.

As candidate Trump said during his campaign, "You are going to have such great health care and at a lower cost." Still waiting.