Posterous is no more

Posterous was a simple blogging platform started back in May 2008. I was an early user and liked it's simplicity and automated cross-posting. I could write an entry using the rich-text editor, add an image, and post it. Simple. But Posterous was designed for mobile blogging. I could send an email, with photo attachments, MP3s, documents, and video. That email too would be posted to the blog.  Like I said, simplicity.  

Posterous had its own URL shortening feature which could post to Twitter. Lastly, Posterous developed PicPosterous, an iPhone application that made it possible to post photos to Posterous directly. Way cool. 

Sadly, this past February Posterous announced that they will be shutting down—they were acquired by Twitter. I have been able to back up my old Posterous account and will be reposting selected blogs entries from the old Posterous.  

Posthaven, the Posterous "replacement," is a web-based service being developed by two creators of the original Posterous. They promise "websites come and go. This one is made to last forever." We'll see. Their business model is a $5/month fee which, they claim, is the incentive they need to keep it going … forever. "We'll never be acquired. We'll always keep our URLs online. We'll always keep it the best place to post,"

I hope so.