I Cleaned Up

Today I tried one of those "express" car wash joints that are popping up around the greater area the entire car wash was run by two women. "How is that possible?" you ask. Automation, automation. You are guided into the wash bay, the computer has set your wash cycle to what you paid for, and rollers against your tire move you along.

After getting washed and blown dry, you exit to the vacuum bays (see photo above). You do the work from here on out. You vacuum, you do a touch up dry job (most was dry for me and I had a Turkish shop towel–only used in Turkey), and I used the air hose to get the water out of cracks and mirrors.

Nicely done Gunga Din. My car was untouched by human hands until I did some touch up work. I'll try it again. These places have to provide tough competition for traditional car washes. Today was faster and cheaper than the place I've been going to.