Homeopathy dismissed by National Health and Medical Research Council review

Yet again, another study debunks the "homeopathy-as-medicine" nonsense. Similar findings have been reported in Great Britain. But not in the United States. You can go to you local "drug store" and find useless potions on the shelves for you to buy and not one has any medical efficacy. If you are wearing a copper or magnetic bracelet for some supposed curative power, that's nonsense too. Read the packaging, it says the same thing.

Remember: The sum of the intelligence on the planet is a constant. The population is increasing.

To view the entire article, click on: http://www.smh.com.au/national/homeopathy-dismissed-by-national-health-and-medical-research-council-review-20140408-36b9u.html

Owlet sighting!

Finally. The mother Great Horned Owl had left the nest and there in all his or her glory was the owlet sitting out in the nest. It was a hot day and  you can see the mouth open venting a little  body heat. Welcome to the world!

Chick sighting in the nest

The first sighting of at least one owlet occurred this morning. As I was setting up my camera the female perched on the edge of the nest area, I snapped a photo, and the mother flew off. The chick was apparently back inside the nest, not to be seen. 

Still nesting …

 This Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus) has been sitting on the nest in this palm for more than one month. This is the most of the owl's body that has been seen to date. Could the hatchlings be deeper in the nest? The short answer is "yes" as there is a cavity behind the female where the chick has been spotted briefly.

Kingston Trio Performs in Borrego Springs

They are setting up video for PBS. Special coming up on the Kingston Trio. The current Kingston Trio in blue shirts (from the left, George Grove, second longest Trio member at 38 years; Bill Zorn, former member of the New Christy Minstrels; and tenor Rick Dougherty formerlt of the Limeliters, and Bob Shane, founding member of the Trio in the middle. Close up of Bob Shane while singing Scotch and Soda. He later sang a second, one of their hits, Tom Dooley

Wonderful outdoor concert in beautiful Borrego Springs.