Desert Storm in Borrego Springs

Steady rain for 6 hours brought all drainage and dry washes roaring back to life for a couple of days on August 25-26. A seasonal monsoon and Tropical Storm Ivo brought the summer rains. The first four images above were taken near San Pablo Avenue where the wash crosses County Road S3, one of the major roads entering Borrego Valley. This road was closed off and on for two days as was another to the left in the images as the same stream moved on to the lowest spot in the valley, the Borrego Sink. Several road closures, although temporary as sheets of water inundated the roads, meant I couldn't get home for several hours.

A major road closure occurred on Montezuma Grade (County Road S22) from rock falls and a major washout. That road is closed "indefinitely." For a time Borrego Springs was isolated with no open roads into the normally sleepy town. 

The last photo shows the sun peeking through the clouds and shining on Fonts Point. The small lake in the bottom of the photo is of the Borrego Sink, rarely seen with standing water. 

All totaled, in some places, the storm brought 3 to 4 inches in about 24 hours, as much as was received all of last year. the Desert Research Station recorded 1.85 inches (and 2.01 inches in July). If the area gets a few more, lighter, soaking, rain storms it could be a banner year for wildflowers.

We had no damage from the rains or flooding but areas north of us near the DeAnza Country Club were hit hard with flooding. The site bears the brunt of many a large storm. DeAnza sits at the intersection of two major drainages: Borrego Palm Canyon and Henderson Canyon.

This article from the San Diego Union Tribune has additional details about the storm.

Birthday Bash • August 24

We had a "meet up" to celebrate the summer birthdays. Pam's birthday was August 15th, Keith's is tomorrow, and Joan will have her birthday on September 4. Some swimming, soaking in the spa, chowing down on good food, opening gifts, chatting (but no chit chatting) ... a perfect day.

Suddenly our road trip was interrupted

We were driving merrily along on our way back to California from a short trip to Flagstaff when all of a sudden ...

We were smacked around a bit in our rental car as we were broadsided by a pickup truck making a U-turn from the side of the highway. Note the mirror was sheared off, the front door handle is missing, and the rear wheel is pointing in an odd direction. Everybody was fine, no (apparent) injuries, but the car was totaled. 

Insurance companies are working overtime to sort this out.