Remember when the Republicans were maniacal about government debt?

The meme that Republicans are better with government finance is dead. Dead I tell you. Those Republicans voted today to add from $1,500,000,000,000 to $2,000,000,000,000 to the national debt. That's $1.5 to $2 TRILLION. Remember that next fall in the 2018 elections.

Watch out. Next Paul Ryan will be coming for your Social Security. Or your Medicare. Just watch.

How to pay for massive tax giveaways to corporations and the wealthy

The massive tax giveaways for corporations and the wealthy will be paid for by throwing 13 million people off health insurance. 

If that isn't enough (it isn't) then cut $400 billion from Medicare. 

If that still isn't enough (and it still isn't enough), raise taxes in over 10 years on 92 million middle-class families.

Look at the tax bill just passed. The obsequious Republicans own this disaster. 

Listen to this

ER Doctor On Why We Need Universal Health Care

This doctor explains why Americans aren't getting the health care they need – even if they're insured

Posted by NowThis Politics on Monday, October 16, 2017

Thanks to Jeanette Kelly for sharing this. One of the best arguments for universal health care comes from an emergency room doctor. Pay attention.

Secretary of Education pushes fake news about charter schools

Betsy DeVos spoke recently at Harvard and asserted that charter schools in her home state of Michigan generally get better test scores than traditional schools. 

A 2016 report by Politico, however, said:

Despite two decades of charter-school growth, the state’s overall academic progress has failed to keep pace with other states: Michigan ranks near the bottom for fourth- and eighth-grade math and fourth-grade reading on a nationally representative test, nicknamed the “Nation’s Report Card.” Notably, the state’s charter schools scored worse on that test than their traditional public-school counterparts, according to an analysis of federal data (emphasis added).

Bernie Sanders: Why We Need Medicare for All

Senator Bernie Sanders lays out a compelling case for "Medicare for All." This is what I argued for–a single-payer system–during the debates over the Affordable Care Act. We've changed the name, because some lunkheads complained about "socialized medicine" as if they even knew what that means. Oh heavens. Your freakin' police and fire departments are socialized. The military has socialized medicine now. Get over it. 

How can we afford medical care for everyone? Don't build one aircraft carrier. Don't build stuff the military doesn't want but is put in the budget because some member of congress wants to send a contract to a manufacturer in their district. How about closing a military base or two that we've maintained in Europe an Asia since the end of World War II. All a good start. How about not invading countries and staying for years? Savings? Trillions of dollars.

It is worth your time to read this important article.